iPhone Application
Revision History
0.5b - 2008-09-05

Added a network availability check. If you only have EDGE, a message will pop up explaining that a network is required.

0.4b - 2008-09-02

This is the first version with released code. I probably wont release this version as an upgrade, since the only changes are copyright notices and such.

0.3b - 2008-09-01

First stab at making this a real app. I have added a little about screen, fixed the icon png, and cleaned up some things inside. Next is to do some actual interface design instead of just throwing on buttons.

I am still not yet able to release this code. I'm waiting on a definitive answer regarding Apple's TCPServer example class. The license embedded in the file seems pretty liberal, but I want to be sure.

0.2b - 2008-08-30

This is the first public release. There are many rough edges, but the app does actually do what it says it does.

I'm sure there are bugs, so look out. Your address book is safe, though, the only code which writes to the address book is Apple's.